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Approaches of Physiotherapie, Mobility & Yoga for surfers 

"Back to physical freedom and freedom from pain"

There is nothing worse than surfing with pain. Through MOBILITYFORSURFERS we are sharing with you the knowledge that will bring you the opportunity to make the most of your surfing in every session, enjoying painless surf, free of stiffness and injuries.

Through Individual Private Sessions for individual coaching or Intensive Group Workshops for a more generalized knowledge, we will attend to problematic areas, pain will be eliminated and potential imbalances compensated. Using different approaches derived from Physiotherapie, Yoga and Mobility we will work together and get you back into physical and painless freedom.



We  are leading Group Workshop and Webinars to share our knowledge and offer people the opportunity to work individually in improving their endurance, strength, flexibility and range of movement which will allow them to progress on their surfing, get rid of pain, issues and injuries and recover faster from every session in the water. 

Pain Relief:

Tension in the neck

Back and Lower back pain

Shoulder pain 

Improve your Flexibility and Range of Movement:

Yoga and Mobility for surfers 

Conscious and Health Friendly Movements


Workouts for Endurance and Strength 

Those and others are the topics that we will go through during the INTENSIVE GROUP WORKSHOPS. If you have particular issues or you would prefer an individual and customized coaching or treatment, the alternative option is to get "Individual Support". You decide how we gonna work together.


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  • Generel issues, pain and injuries

  • Chronical pain

  • Shoulderpain and injuries

  • Backpain

  • Movementrestrictions

  • Neckpain

  • Disc-prolapse

  • Hip issues

  • Knee issues



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Initial Consultation Online

30 Minutes

for free

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What Patients Say

“My posture in paddling got much better and i feel less tension in the neck :)”


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"The way a surfer reads the wave defines his understanding of movement.
That movement becomes, the mind stops imposing and the body starts feeling."