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Hi there, I am Sara & I am a Certified Yoga Teacher 200YTT and I have been helping people since 2015 to practice and come into Yoga. Through my own experience of shoulder and lower back problems I realized how important conscious movements are for your body: to get rid of pain, keep your joints healthy, achieve the results you want and enjoy fully when you are in the water. Before I started practicing Yoga, 8 years ago, I had the feeling that I was just pure stiffness. I had tried many things but pain kept coming back, until I got into Yoga and that is the reason why I am so stoked to share with other surfers this amazing practice that has given me sooo much.  

Hi there, I am Dennis and I love surfing.

If you hear someone stoked-yelling after every wave, it could be me.

The last 6 years I have been working with people who had injuries or pain in different parts of their bodies (neck, back, shoulder, hips, knees etc.) 

I studied Sport & Economics at the German University of Prevention & Healthcare. I have been assisting people in different stages to get back into health and wealth. I helped people to recover from operations, pain or injuries to get back into painfreedom, getting rid of stiffness and sometimes also “just” to get fit and healthy. 

In the last two years, during our travels, we have had a lot of contact with other surfers and they all told us the same: what can I do for my neck, back or shoulder problems. Here we are: MOBILITYFORSURFERS. A combination of Approaches of Physiotherapy, Yoga, Strength and Mobility to help you, not only to get rid of pain, also to surf better, enjoy even more, recover faster and make the most of every session !! :)

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10 Kuchenrezepte für den Herbst 

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Abwarten und Teetrinken 

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Ein Pasta-Geheimnis aus Rom

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Our Philosophy

We love surfing and spending most of the time in the water riding wave after wave with huge smiles. We want to share the fun of surfing free of stiffness, free of injuries and pain, making the most of your session because you can move how you want to. 

Our goal is to share with you the knowledge and practice, which will help you to improve Movement, Training, Endurance, Pain Relief, Mobility, Flexibility and, therefore, your time and joy in the water

Education and Certifications

  • B.A Sport & Economics on the University of prevention and health (2018)

  • Certified Functionaltrainer (CFT) (2017)

  • Movement and Spineexpert (2018)

  • 200 hr Yogateacher (2015)

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